Dual Microphone System

The Dual Microphone System includes 2 wireless neckband microphones that can both be used at the same time so whether you have two presenters at a conference or 2 sports instructors you can both be connected and speak hands-free.More
Two voices
Give your wing man a voice!
This set of two wireless neckband microphones allows two to talk and present at the same time so bring your backup crew along!
50meter range
The QTX dual microphones can transmit up to 50 meters so you can roam freely whilst delivering your presentation.
Room for two
The QTX dual microphone system comes with two sets of wireless headsets and transmitters so two can present simultaneously
Hands free neckband mics
Move freely around the stage as the neckband mics are hands free, non-restrictive and very comfortable to wear.
More features
Up to 50m range.
2x Wireless Neckband Mics
The QTX VN2 has a single LED light that clearly displays the channel you're listening to whilst still remaining discreet.
2x Beltpack Transmitters
Beltpack transmitters clip snug onto the waist and ensure hands free activity.
Output Connections
Both XLR and Jack output connections from the receiver.
Operating Frequencies
Operates on VHF frequencies 173.8 and 174.8
Manuals and documentation
Learn more about the technical specification of the QTX Wireless Dual Microphone System. View or download the product information sheets.
  • Length
  • Weight (kgs)
  • Colours
  • Connections
    Aux (3.5 mm Jack)
  • Operational Distance
    < 50m
  • Output Connections
    1/4mm Jack, XLR
  • Receiver Power
    10v 250mA Power Adaptor
  • Receiver Weight
  • S/N Ratio
    > 85 dB
  • Transmitter Power
    9v Battery
  • Transmitter Weight
    76g (No Battery)
  • Type
  • Compatible With Products
    Falcon X, Falcon, Donkey, Parakeet, Parrot

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