Silent Disco Transmitter

3 Channel Mains N/A

The Donkey Silent Disco Transmitter is a reliable choice to use with any Silent Disco system. It's mains powered, small and transportable with a lightweight durable casing and through a simple audio cable, connects to your music to deliver excellent sound to our Silent Disco Headphones.

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Solid kit
...with great coverage
The Donkey transmitter is a solid and reliable piece of Silent Disco kit with outdoor coverage up to 150 meters.
Easy setup
Plug in and you're all set
Simply plug the Donkey in to the mains, connect to your audio (iPhone, laptop, iPod) via an audio cable, select the channel you want to transmit on and away you go in less than a minute.
No Limits!
The more the merrier
There are no limits to the number of headphones that can connect to the Donkey transmitter so the more the merrier at our Silent Disco parties!
Simple setup
The Donkey powers up as soon as it is plugged in, so all you need to do is flick a switch to assign a channel you want to transmit on and you're all set! You need one Donkey for every music channel you'd like!
No latency
Our Donkey transmitter uses Radio Frequencies which means there is no delay on the audio's journey to the headphones - you, and your guests, won't miss a beat!
Consistent audio levels
A built-in Multiband Audio Processor automatically tames the levels of the music which will avoid any distortion or loud bursts from the audio to avoid any ear splitting moments!
More features
Connect to multiple devices
Connect to a multitude of audio devices; mobile phones, tablets, DJ equipment and more using the 3.5mm jack output.
Up to 150 meters
Transmit audio to a range of up to 150 meters in optimum areas.
LED visual equalisers
Displays when your audio is transmitting without having to listen to the audio.
Legal and license free
Using the EU approved 863-865MHz, the Donkey is legal to use throughout Europe and much of the world. (USA requires different frequencies, also in stock. Please contact us)
Consistent audio levels
A built-in Multiband Audio Processor automatically tames the levels of the music and avoids any distortion or loud bursts from the audio.
  • Length
  • Weight (kgs)
  • Colours
  • Battery Life
  • Power
  • Number of Channels
    3 Channel
  • Type
  • Battery Life Lights Off
  • Buttons
    Channel Select
  • Channel Separation
  • Supports Fast Charging
  • Connections
    Aux (3.5 mm Jack)
  • Available Frequencies
    UK, Europe and ROW, USA and Canada, Australia
  • Frequency Response
    30 ~ 12,000Hz
  • Lights
    No LED
  • Impedance
    32 ohm
  • Modulation
  • Number of Channels
  • Operational Distance
    < 150m
  • Power Saving
  • Power Source
    12v DC Power Adaptor
  • Sound
  • S/N Ratio
    > 70 dB

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