Big Doug

Storage Container


Our Big White Doug Storage Container is strong, sturdy and a safe place to store approx. 60 headphones. Its interlocking lids and stacking design makes it a great storage solution for your Silent Disco Equipment.

Fitted Lid
The Big Doug Silent Disco Storage Container opens long ways for maximum opening and has a lid with an interlocking design that ensures a flush close. You can secure the box with cable ties for safer transit.
Sensible Stacking
When empty, the Big Doug Silent Disco Storage Container will neatly fit into another Big Doug for maximum storage space. When the boxes are full, lids allow for the safe stacking of other Big Doug boxes thanks to the raised rim on the boxes.
Strong Build
Big Doug Storage Containers have withstood vigorous tests like being handled by courier services, harsh weather conditions and some of the biggest festivals.
More features
Spacious storage
The Doug dimensions are 60x40x37cm.
Doug storage capacity
Harry Bob Joe Bobbie
50 50 50 50
Heavy duty build
Robust and reliable design made from polypropylene for reinforced build.
Fixed holes
Gives you the ability to add cable ties to the box for extra security in transit and at events.
Built in handles
There are 2 handles on the box each side to make transportation much easier.
Locking lids
Lids lock together for a secure fit.
Nesting lid and base
Makes it easy to sturdily stack the boxes without risk of falling.
  • Weight (kgs)
  • Colours
  • External Dimensions
    (L) 710 x (W) 460 x (H) 368mm
  • Internal Top Dimensions
    (L) 638 x (W) 417mm
  • Internal Base Dimensions
    (L) 638 x (W) 417mm
  • Internal Height
  • Material
  • Type
  • Compatible With Products
    Harry, Joe, Bob, Bobbie, Falcon X, Falcon, Donkey, Parakeet, Parrot

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