How does the Silent Disco system work?

Last updated 23/12/2019 7:58 AM

The whole system itself is very simple to use and set-up - it's what we call, "Plug and Play" technology!

Our transmitters (Donkey, Parakeet, Parrot, Ox and Falcons) are the beating-heart of our systems. Just plug your audio device into our transmitters (don't worry, we provide the cables) and play your favourite tunes. Our wireless RF headphones (whether you choose the Harry, Joe or Bob) then act as receivers for the signals produced by the transmitters and play the beautiful music straight into your ears! You can also use our actual receivers with your own favourite plugged in, if you'd rather.

If that doesn't sound simple enough, fear not! We also provide technical guides with setup instructions in the boxes to you with the equipment. Which are also available on the website and... right here:


  • Harry Silent Disco Headphones
  • Joe Silent Disco Headphones
  • Bob Silent Disco Headphones
  • Ned Beltpack Receiver
  • Transmitters

  • Falcon Silent Disco Transmitter
  • Donkey Silent Disco Transmitter
  • Parakeet Silent Disco Transmitter
  • Don't say we never give you anything...

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