Falcon Hybrid

Bluetooth Silent Disco Transmitter

3 Channel   Rechargeable / Mains Up to 6h

Step into a revolution with our cutting-edge Falcon Hybrid Bluetooth Silent Disco transmitters! Say goodbye to tangled wires and hello to hassle-free fun. Connecting your device is simple thanks to the integrated Bluetooth magic – no strings attached!

The Falcon Hybrid not only flaunts its Bluetooth prowess but also maintains the legendary RF range of the original Falcon, boasting an impressive transmission radius of up to 300m. All snugly packed into a compact and robust shell, the Falcon Hybrid is here to show off why it's the ultimate showstopper in the market. Unleash the power of wireless, amplify the Silent Disco fun, and dance your heart out – it's time for the Falcon Hybrid experience!

No Power Needed
The Falcon Hybrid Bluetooth Silent Disco transmitter boasts greater power than ever before. With two 3.7 Lithium-Ion Batteries, it ensures the transmitter can operate at high power even when you're using it without a power source.
Better Connected
Connecting the transmitter to your device has never been easier. Simply press the 'BT' Bluetooth button on the transmitter to activate 'pairing mode'. Then, access your device's Bluetooth settings to establish the connection. Once paired, you're all set to broadcast!
Transmit up to 300 meters
Large-scale events pose no issue, as the Falcon Hybrid Bluetooth Silent Disco Transmitter can transmit audio up to a distance of 300 meters (under optimal conditions).
Engineered for superior performance
Engineered to endure events of any size. Its durable shell and technical components ensure it can endure the most challenging event environments.
HD sound in stereo
Falcon transmitters provide high-definition stereo sound to an unlimited number of receivers within range, ensuring that your audio quality remains uncompromised during transmission.
On the go
Utilise the Falcon transmitter wherever you please for up to 6 hours, thanks to two built-in 3.7v Lithium-Ion batteries, allowing you to deliver flawless audio as you roam.
More features
Bluetooth connectivity
Link your audio playback device via Bluetooth, as well as the stereo RCA input, to enjoy high-definition stereo sound directly through your headphones or receivers.
Hi power without mains power
Use the transmitter anywhere you like for up to 5 hours on full power, the Falcon is fitted with two 3.7v Lithium Ion batteries for you to use on the go.
LED channel screen
Displays the channel number that the transmitter is broadcasting on, providing a clear indication of whether your two transmitters are configured to the same channel.
Legal and license free
Operating within the EU-approved 863-865MHz frequency range, the Falcon is compliant for use across Europe and many other regions globally. (For the USA, different frequencies are required, which are also available. Please get in touch with us for further details.)
Low / High power transmission
Choose between Low / High transmission depending on your event and location.
Manuals and documentation
Learn more about the technical specification of the Silent Disco Transmitter. Download the manual or product set up sheet.
  • Weight (kgs)
  • Colours
  • Battery Life
    Up to 6h
  • Power
    Rechargeable / Mains
  • Construction
  • Number of Channels
    3 Channel
  • Type
  • Battery Life
    LO: 12 hours/ HI: 6 hours
  • Buttons
    On / Off, Lo / Hi, Channel Select
  • Bluetooth Version
  • Bluetooth Range
  • Channel Separation
  • Supports Fast Charging
  • Charge Time
    < 4 hours charging time
  • Connections
    RCA Audio, 3.5mm Mic, Bluetooth
  • EAN
  • Available Frequencies
    UK, Europe and ROW, USA and Canada, Australia
  • Frequency Response
    20 ~ 15,000Hz
  • Modulation
  • Number of Channels
  • Operational Distance
    < 300m
  • Power Source
    9v DC 3.7 Lithium Ion Battery
  • Sound
    Stereo, HD, SD
  • S/N Ratio
    > 80 dB
  • Compatible With Products
    Harry, Joe, Bob, Falcon X, Falcon, Donkey, Parakeet, Parrot, Ned

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