Ear Pad Covers


If you don't have time to clean your headphones between users, these hygienic ear pad covers allow you to quickly prepare your headphones for the next user by simply replacing the covers.

Fits all our headphones
The Hygienic covers are a universal fit so are compatible with any of our Silent Disco headphones.
Protect from sweat
If you use your headphones in exercise classes, you can protect them from sweat by using these disposable covers.
Prolonging life
Silent Disco Hygienic ear pad covers will help keep your ear pads clean, reduce the wear and help them last longer.
Save hours of cleaning
Reduce the hours spent cleaning headphones as the covers eliminate the need to clean each headphone after use.
More features
Made from nylon
The nylon pads fit snug to your Silent Disco headphones.
Easy to fit
Its design makes it easy to wrap around each headphone ear pad.
Replace ear pad cover after each use of the headphone.
Elasticated edge
Makes certain the pad will not come loose or fall off easily.
Pack of 2
Each pack contains 2 ear pad covers.
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    pack of 2

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