charger for 48 Silent Disco headphones

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Charge up to 48 Silent Disco headphones, receivers or portable speakers at any one time with this USB charging station when coupled with 4 head USB splitter cables included. Use just one plug socket to power the unit which hosts 12 USB charging ports.

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Customize USB charger for 48 Silent Disco headphones
USB charger for 48 Silent Disco headphones
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USB charger for 48 Silent Disco headphones
USB charger for 48 Silent Disco headphones

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    The Ultimate Charge
    Specially modified charging station which ensures your Silent Disco headphones get the best charge.
    Charge up to 48 Headphones
    This charging station allows you to charge upto 48 portable speakers or headphones at any one time when using our USB splitter cables - perfect for getting ready for an event.
    LED Power Indicator
    The charging station has a LED light indicator when it is switched on.
    More features
    Charge Multiple devices at once
    12 USB slots allow you to charge multiple headphones and speakers easily.
    Product Parameters
    Input of 220V-50Hz and an output of 5v. It's operating temperature is -40 ~ 70°C.
    Automatic Cooling Fan
    Automatic built in cooling method, fan will start to work when product hits 50°c.
    4x the power
    Includes 12 x 4 head USB splitter cables to safely increase your silent disco headphone charging capacity..
    USB splitter charge cables
    Select which cable type you need. USB mini (Harry/Ned), micro-USB (portable speakers), NKO1 (Joe) or USB-C (HR20)..
    Fire Retardant
    Made from PC+ ABS fire retardant material.
    • Battery Life
    • Power
    • Construction
    • Number of Channels
      3 Channel
    • Type
    • Supports Fast Charging

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