AAA Batteries

for Bob Headphones


If you are using our Bob Silent Disco Headphones, you will need two AAA batteries in each to give you a whopping 20 hours of dance time! This pack of 10 batteries will power 5 Bob headphones.

Bringing power to the people
Our Bob headphones have been used at some of the biggest events across the world - Glastonbury, Birmingham NEC, BBC Events, and The London Eye... and they were all powered by these small and mighty AAA batteries.
Enjoy 20 Hours of fun
When used with Bob and Bobbie Silent Disco Headphones these small and powerful AAA batteries can last up to 20 hours!
Minimum Packaging
These batteries are supplied with minimal packaging so they take up less room and reduce the plastic waste at your event.
Quick and easy
If you are changing batteries in hundreds of headsets, then quick and easy to open packaging is essential!
More features
Has a higher energy capacity than a heavy duty battery meaning you avoid rapid losses of charge.
Sold in Packs of 10
1 pack equates to 10x AAA batteries.
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